Our vision is to connect with supporters from across the world to work towards raising funds for various worthwhile causes and encouraging intercultural integration. We are looking for people who share our vision:-

A vision to bring peace, harmony and unity across the world

Aim is to connect with each person across the globe and invite them to make this world a better place


We need to team up with people across the world – volunteers & supporters who will develop on line and / or off line methods to communicate and encourage others to go on line and donate £1 for charity.

In return they will receive the “Unite Us” song download, a gift from Honey Kalaria and a certificate stating that they have contributed in making this world a better place by supporting The Unite Us Project.

This goal can be achieved by creating links with either the general public, educational establishments, professionals, corporations, community groups or which ever method the volunteer / supporter chooses.


If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, donate your time, support the cause or even provide us with sponsorship to help make this world a better place - Call us on 07850 875087 / uniteusproject@gmail.com 

Clich Here To Download Your Application Form Now

And email to: volunteers@uniteusproject.com

(use same email address if you require more information)